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Oral Cancer FAQs Jefferson, GA
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As part of our general dentistry options at Jefferson Dental Care, we provide oral cancer screenings for all our patients. As your primary oral health specialists, we will screen for several cancers in your mouth and neck. We believe it is our responsibility to help ensure that oral cancer is detected and treated early. There are several frequently asked questions we hear when it comes to oral cancer.

Does the risk of developing oral cancer increase with age?

Yes, as you age you are at a greater risk of developing oral cancer. In addition to increased age, being a male can also make you twice as likely to develop it. The average age at diagnosis is 62.

Does UV light cause oral cancer?

People who work outside or have prolonged exposure to sunlight have an increased risk of developing cancers of the lip.

Are there any lifestyle choices that promote oral cancer?

Yes, smoking and tobacco use both increase your chances of developing oral cancer. Cancer in the mouth or throat are typically a result of smoking and cancer in the cheeks, gums and inner surface of your lips is typically a result of oral tobacco products. Heavy alcohol drinkers make up 70% of people diagnosed with oral cancer.

Contact Jefferson Dental Care today to speak to a team member about our oral health screening. We will listen to any concerns you may have about the development of cancer in or around your mouth.

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Kayla B.

The whole office staff is amazing! Super friendly and helpful. Dr. Gannon has always been very nice and does great work! My husband sees Dr. Vetter and has only good things to say as well. I highly recommend this office!

Karen W.

We have had great experiences with Dr Gannon and Dr Vetter and their entire staff. They make you feel at ease and therefore we don't dread going to the dentist anymore

Barbara S.

This office is wonderful, Dr. Gannon is amazing super nice and the staff are so sweet. Thank you all for a great experience

Mindi C.

I live and work in Habersham but I have used this group for 15 years. I will drive the distance to see them because they are the best !! See you in 12/15/14 Dr Vetter.

Malcolm W.

Great folks!!! All the folks there are special ... Gotta love that Doctor Vetter!!!

Lee L.

What a GREAT experience!!! Dr Vetter is AWESOME!!

Wanda B.

Dr. Paul gannon is the best...

Caroline W.

Very friendly staff, professional and knowledgeable.

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